Meditations (also: Houses, Curtains and Boats)

elephantjournal article

Elephant Journal has just published an article of mine:

‘Where God Is: On Home, Travel & Displacement’.

It’s very personal and confessional, a bit silly and a bit serious, and gets to the root of my eternal cravings both to travel the world and to be at home. I could gaze at the beautiful photo they’ve used (above; credited in the article; heaven in sunlight and flaking paint; they even have a sunflower on the door) for ages.

In (arguably less productive) meditation-related news…

My coccyx my anchor,
my mind is drifting like a boat.

(Thinking of
the bluebells, how blue,
how like a bell they chorus
winding through the trees
and into my house
telling me they cannot wait, but sway,

to their own
changing air.
Like a bell, dissolution;
the next thing; my dog’s nose,
which sniffs at nothing, luxurious nothing,
but probably heard the flowers; perhaps
had a part in their deciding
of how brightly, today, to be blue.

A bell; the hammering of my neighbour
mending fence panels. The dream I had;
the man who lived at the very top
of a half-made house
which he was mending
from the inside out, hammers in his hands
like weapons;
his face dark with glory and might.)


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